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Both teacher and student can easily grasp on it

Let technology becomes your good educational partner. The interface design and UX of Digital Campus - Classroom is clean and simple, so user can easily catch up with it without any computer knowledge and also release the teaching pressure. We have provided a complete training tools with pictures and videos to let the user easily to familiar with Digital Campus - Classroom.

Interactive teaching and learning

Digital Campus - Classrooom can let teacher and students interact with each other through the tablet. Teacher’s class content will synchronize with students' tablet and the teaching materials can according to the answer or response of student to give a corresponding interactive effect. Teacher can observe the whole answering process in the real time to give a suitable guide for students.

Enjoy the learning without restriction

In the e-Learning, you cannot only reduce your input costs and operating expenses through CTM’s cloud service, but also breakthrough the operating boundary to make the e-Learning running without any regional restriction.

Highlights Features

As a complete e-Learning program, Digital Campus - Classroom satisfy all the demands of teacher, student and school since since our functions suit actual needs.

E-Content has a strong interactivity, even physics and chemistry experiments and abstract model student can still see the experimental results.

A simple and elegant function where you can sync your notes to your cloud accounts. Taking notes is extremely easy. Save the notes to your “Classroom" accounts so that the notes can be accessed anytime anywhere and the notes are only with you and secured.

Teacher can control the student's screen during the class, monitor the situation of student and don't need to worry about student can surfing during the class.

Provided multi-screen output function. Let teacher can project student’s screen to share and teach.

School can manage all tablets including update materials, check the battery and location.

E-Content Materials

Cloud-Based Note

Classroom Management

Multi Screen Projection

Mobile Devices Management

E-Content materials introducion

More than 3,000 interactive teaching resources, covering ablgebra, biology, chemistry, geometric and physical topics, with part of the content being compatible to VR device.

Free experience materials


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