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About Digital Campus

As the top comprehensive network service provider in Macau, CTM do their best to promote the network technology application in different industries for many years, and also to build “Digital Macau”. Education as an important part of Macau, for many years CTM proactively coordinate with Macau education. CTM put their brand new information technology into the education model, for improving the quality of teaching and the effectiveness of studying.

For further expanding e-Learning application in Macau, CTM released the concept of “Education Cloud” in 2012 and try their best to develop and promote the “Education Cloud” in these years. CTM keeps in touch with Macau education, unites their superior resources for promoting “Digital Campus”.

The professional team of CTM keep sparing no effort to expand the information technology into educational application through the network advantage, and publishing the e-Learning to go further. e-Learning is global trend, on one hand CTM cooperate the e-Learning development in Macau and on the other hand CTM will make the e-Learning development facing the world. In 2016, “Digital Campus — Classroom service” has promoted to globalization, facing the world to become the platform that publishing the IT education developing in the world.


Prizes and Awards

Certificated Apple Teacher

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