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Ceremony of CTM x FAOM mSchool service demonstration

Author: admin Published Date: 2016-10-31

To build Macau as a digital city, we are devoted to further popularize the application of information technology through our extensive technology strength. Last year, we have developed an innovative application service – the mSchool, providing an effective and convenient channel to facilitate instant communication and information exchange between school and parents which is well received by the education institutions. Recently, we launched the mSchool service to the Nurseries of the Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM) which has obtained great response from the parents and FAOM. Yesterday (30 Oct), during the Family Carnival of FAOM, we joined hands to demonstrate the mSchool service and showcase the fruitful result of cooperation between both parties. During the occasion, we set up game booths to further arouse residents’ knowledge on fiber services.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of FAOM’s Nurseries, a family carnival was held yesterday at the Macau Workers’ Stadium, attracting the participation of nearly 1000 parents and children. During the occasion, Ebel Cham and the Deputy Director of FAOM jointly hosted a ceremony symbolizing the achievement of home-school cooperation through the concerted efforts of different parties.

In the meantime, a video was played during the activity to introduce the various key features of mSchool service, of which some parents shared the service experience and feeling, while FAOM management expressed their appreciation on the service that facilitating the communication between parents and the teachers, as well as to look forward the future cooperation with CTM to promote the comprehensive development of FAOM.

We also seized the opportunity to set up game booths to promote fiber network information and the tips when using fiber service, aiming to arouse residents’ understanding and knowledge of fiber service and increase their user experience, so as to further promote the popularity of CTM fiber network.