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Joint with the educational sector to promote the mSchool communication platform

Author: admin Published Date: 2017-03-30

To continuously promote the development pace of Digital Campus, CTM has been actively working out with local education sector for promoting the development of e-education by integrating the latest information technology into the school operation, aiming at enriching teaching quality as well as stimulating students study capability. Riding on the Education Cloud technology, mSchool is a dedicated communication platform between school and parents which has received whelming responses since its launch. CTM and UGAMM signed a collaboration pledge earlier that mSchool will be adopted in 3 nurseries of UGAMM in the next school year, symbolizing that the service has been extended to 8 education institutions across Macau, serving more than 4500 students.

In order to enable parents to gain deeper understanding of children’s learning situation through mSchool, not long ago, CTM organized a briefing to introduce the function and operation of mSchool app to parents from two nurseries under UGAMM.

Albert Wong, Director of Business Service and Development of CTM said, the mSchool service has gained great support from teachers and parents since its launch. A lot of parents commented that the function of campus memo notice and album is practical. Wong added that mSchool is now adopted in 8 educational institutions including 3 nurseries of UGAMM, Saint Paul School and the Workers Nursery, serving over 4,500 students.

E-learning will be the trend in future, CTM is committed to collaborating with the educational sector in Macau, emerging ICT into learning model to provide a one-stop e-educational platform through developing Education Cloud application service. At the same time, the company hopes to continuously improve the application and effectiveness of Education Cloud by in-depth communicating with educational sector, to promote the pace of ICT development and uplift teaching quality and learning effectiveness.