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Prior to 1981, residents in Macau had to wait many months simply to have a telephone connected. To make a telephone call to Hong Kong was a lengthy procedure which had to be placed through an operator.

It was in 1981, the then Macau Government realized a revolutionary change would need to be made in order to enhance the efficiency of telecom services in Macau.

An agreement was then reached with Cable and Wireless plc, the main telecom operator in the UK, to set up a new company, Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau S.A.R.L. in October 1981, with other shareholders including Portuguese Marconi Company (later acquired by Portugal Telecom group), CITIC Pacific (which shareholding was transferred to CITIC Telecom International in 2010) and the Macao Post, which was entrusted with the responsibility of providing telecom services to the Macau community.

As the only full telecom service provider in Macau, CTM has been maintaining its leadership role in providing world-class telecom services to the Macau residents and continues to play a major role in the ongoing development of Macau’s infrastructure. With a solid financial base and an enviable track record of technical achievement, CTM offers both first class products and services and outstanding career opportunities for the prosperous development of Macau.

In June 2013, CITIC Telecom International’s transaction in acquiring the entire shareholding in CTM of both Cable and Wireless Communications and Portugal Telecom was officially approved by the Macau SAR Government. CITIC Telecom International became the controlling shareholder of CTM (99%) with the Macao Post as the remaining shareholder(1%).

The liberalization of telecom market will bring a new chapter to the ICT and telecoms sector in Macau. CITIC Telecom International will introduce advanced technologies to enrich the scientific and technological content of Macau society and to create more job opportunities to facilitate the diversification of manpower. With the existing workforce of CTM, CITIC Telecom International will reinforce the management and technical training to improve the overall team quality to facilitate the sustainable and healthy development of CTM.

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