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Multimedia and interactive Materials

Multimedia and interactive Materials——e-Books have multimedia, audio and image to make the content become visualize and vivid rather than dull and boring. Student can follow e-Books to read the text, watch animation and video; general studies can even show the experiment procedure so that student can easily understand the knowledge. Multimedia will also arouse students' interest and lead them to study by themselves.

Student's toolbar

Digital Campus - Classroom has a a series of tool can be used by students such as recording, notes, vocabulary interpretation and sketchpad. Let's take the English subject as an example, this subject needs to train students' listening, speaking, reading and writing, so using the instant recording function can let every students have a chance to practice their speaking. The class will be more effective if every student can participate in. Notes are able to give a help for students to write down the main point in the class, so they can review later after class.

Out of the traditional teaching, and learning extends to the outdoors

Digital Campus - Classroom will pull the learning out from the classroom to outdoor. Learning cannot only stop in the classroom, instead student should get a bigger studying space. Therefore, student should be brought more interesting learning by using this tours way.


All the e-Books, materials, homework can be saved in the cloud server, student only need to access textbooks of all subjects through Internet and no need to carry a heavy to bag back to school.

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