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Simplify teacher's preparation

The system interface of Digital Campus is clean and easy to use, teacher can easily upload the lecture content files or multimedia files(including video, sound recording etc.). Teacher also can add the link, annotation to enrich the teaching period and make it diversification. It is really helping teacher to finish preparation and materials easily.

Cumulative school resources

Schools in Macau have different study plan. The teaching materials, course plan and even the school textbook which build by teachers for many years can all import and save in Digital Campus, and teacher do not need to worry about the burden of making new materials when using the new system.

Introduce the educational publishers,reduce the preparation time

Digital Campus, the platform of educational resource, can integrate the teaching materials like video, audio, powerpoint and interactive resources that publishers provided. Therefore, teachers can save the time that making the materials or looking the educational resources, and also can quickly organize the materials to reduce the preparation time.

Producing the quiz paper

Digital Campus has quiz bank. There are multiple choice(s), questions and answers, matching, fill in the blanks and true or false. Teacher can produce quiz paper or exercise through the quiz bank, and also can set the start time, time limit of the quiz to make sure the quiz can hand out and in at the same time. Teacher can base on the old exam paper to produce a new paper, so that can totally help the teacher to produce paper or exercise efficiently.

A huge quiz bank

Accumulating the old questions that created by teachers. The bank include question that created by different schools. Therefore, quiz bank is the treasure to teachers. Teacher can directly use the questions in the bank to produce paper, or teacher can add more deep question with their demand. Let every teacher can build up this huge bank together.

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