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Manage the class more effectively

Teacher's interface has student list which can show all students online status, so teacher can see them al clearly and bring all students to lecture mode. Teacher can also easily monitor the student's tablet usage, to make sure the progress is the same.

Show the interactivity, make students more engaged in learning

Generally, teacher and student only have unidirectional information flow in traditional teaching mode: teacher give a lecture on the podium and student just sit and receive the information. After that, it has simple interactivity, however it only just a Q&A mode that teacher give a question and student answer that. This kind of interactivity cannot let the teacher look after every student's study progress effectively, since some of students is not willing to answer and some of them are not understand the content.
With the help of e-Education, we can made the information flow become two way direction, so that we can let students have more chance to participate in the class; Teacher can also take care of different levels students' reaction, study progress, interest and ability. The whole interactive progress is become more efficiency.

Interactive Excercise

In the past, teacher has to collect the exercise paper or walk to the student to check the paper for finding out student's answer. Now teacher can hand out the e-Exercise in class and let student can participate in different interactive exercise through tablet in real-time. You can know the answering situation immediately through the quiz bank in the system. Teacher will know which question is more difficult and which student will need some help, all of these teacher can see it at a glance.

Using Materials

Teacher can use the materials that they prepare in the system in class; Teacher can control student's screen to synchronize flip, sound and image in the tablet. In the class, teacher can use system tool in Digital Campus to show the screen and highlight the currently explain part, so that can let student to follow teacher's teaching flow.

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