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Start to use Digital Campus

School Register

1. Visit Digital Campus – Classroom homepage, press【Join Us】.



2. Then we will enter to register procedure, fill in the user information. “Username”, “Email”, “Password” will be used in the near future, so users should remember their password, username and email.



3. After the confirmation of user information, user needs to select their plan. We have already prepared three plans for user, they are “Free”, “Basic” and “Premium”, user can choose the plan based on their demand.



4. After selected the plan, we will access to pre-pay screen. If users want to choose other plan, they can press【Remove item】, or press【Checkout】to finish the payment. Paid version will access to Visa/MasterCard payment page, but free version will not.



5. When user finished the payment successfully, user will see the receipt page. It will show the money that user have paid, but free version will display $0. Press the left top corner【Dashboard】to continue to setting procedure.


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