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Flipped classroom

The “traditional education” like listening the lecture and go home do homework has been “flipped”. With technology getting into education and e-Books becoming more popular, new education mode gradually form up──put the lecture content on Internet for student study at home, and do more interactive, positive and groups activities in the class. As a new education tendency, the “flipped classroom” way can make the class become more interesting, so that it can increase student’s interest of studying; student can easily absorb what they have learnt by this way compare with traditional education.

Comprehensive platform for e-teaching and learning

Digital Campus is a education resource aggregation platform which provides e-Learning materials for students; not confined to e-Books with pdf format anymore, but add in e-media, interactive games and other tools for studying. Digital Campus - Classroom is also a online interactive platform between teacher and students. Flipped classroom is changing the center from teacher to self- studying. Digital Campus - Classroom can support teacher to evaluate the best study guide for every student. Teacher can also share student information and quiz record and use big data to evaluate student’s ability for making up the weaknesses. Student can share notes, bookmarks through the cloud. There are the cloud application, complete infrastructure, network infrastructure at behind, so that can make the e-learning operating smoothly.

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